10+ popup store ideas you might want to replicate Steven P August 5, 2022
10+ popup store ideas you might want to replicate

Businesses are always looking for quick and easy ways to grow their business, one of which is the idea of popup stores. In this article, we would like to introduce the top 10 popup store ideas you might want to replicate.

Top 10+ popup store ideas 

Holiday shops

Holidays are an important feature in most human cultures and each cultural region has its own holidays throughout the year. Therefore, this is an opportunity for brands that want this idea for their popup store with unique products. Consumers tend to buy gifts and you can open a popup store during the holidays. You also need to be mindful about positioning your popup store with a holiday theme, which can spur shoppers to purchase as they get into the holiday spirit.

Interactive product demos

Most businesses today focus on e-commerce and forget the necessity of allowing customers to have direct contact with the products. A popup store idea that interacts directly with product demos will make it easier for customers to experience products and businesses to showcase new products.

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Sampling station

One of the prominent popup store ideas is the sampling stations. Especially for those that deal in food, beverages, and other consumer packaged goods, a popup store is a great idea. You can set up a store that allows customers to try the product and be able to sell it right there. This will help drive purchases as customers will hopefully want more after they taste it.

Themed shop

One of the popup store ideas is theme stores. Pop-up stores are often small, so businesses need to manage even the smallest details. For example, when you want to set up a popup store in New York, you can choose between an urban theme or a bustling theme.

Mobile store

Mobile popups are a great idea for businesses that want to reach more customers in different locations and regions. They can set up shop on trucks or buses or whatever else suits their business. Food businesses, especially, can open for sale on food trucks to flexibly sell sales locations.

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In-store experts

An expert present in the popup store will attract customers because they always want more helpful information from experts on how to get the most out of the product. As an example for health and beauty businesses that want to start a popup store, they might invite an esthetician or a doctor to the store to talk to customers about the information on the product.


The idea of ​​holding contests for customers will help customers feel more excited. For example, pop-up stores can hold a contest to find the best use of a product, which both promotes the product and keeps customers interested.


Another popup store idea is exclusivity. Popup stores can sell exclusive products, which are only available in that store, or exclusive decorations to attract customers. For fashion stores, it can be a unique layout or limited edition products.

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Discounts and bonuses

The idea of ​​discount or promotion campaigns for popup stores is also widely used by companies to attract customers’ attention. Popup stores often have discounts or bonuses to give customers when buying or using services at their store.

Charitable donations

The idea of ​​philanthropy applied to pop-up stores is a good one. You can donate a portion of the profits from your popup store to a charity that aligns with your brand’s mission. This will help customers have a favorable view of your brand.


Popup store ideas can help businesses increase brand awareness, attract customers and drive sales quickly. Contact us if you need assistance with opening a popup store.

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