10 clever pop up shop examples you may want to steal from Steven P June 6, 2022
10 clever pop up shop examples you may want to steal from

A pop-up shop is a retail store that is temporarily opened to take advantage of distinct trends or seasonal needs. Demand for products sold in pop-up stores is usually short-lived or related to a particular holiday. In this article, we would like to introduce the top 10 clever pop-up shop examples.

Top 10 clever pop-up shop examples

BarkShop Live

The pop-up shop called BarkShop Live is a store in the BarkShop chain that welcomes pet owners who bring their four-legged friends to “shop”. This store serves as a place for BarkShop to test and collect valuable data about its products. This helps the company expand into traditional retail and exploit the future trend of experiential marketing.


Beauty brand Birchbox has opened a chain of pop-up stores to test its traditional concept. In addition to boxing their makeup, customers can visit Try Bars, where they test the latest beauty products and trends. Customers will also receive manicures and astrological readings. Birchbox has now opened its first permanent store in New York’s Soho neighborhood following the success of the trial.


Penguin Living is among pop-up shop examples. It belongs to the lifestyle chain Penguin Random House, which opened up by leveraging the concept of seasonal pop-up stores. In addition to buying and selling books, visitors can also attend seminars and introduce authors. Proceeds from ticket sales have been donated to a charity that supports domestic violence survivors. Here, customers can also purchase books to donate to other nonprofits.

West Elm

West Elm, a popular home decor retailer, set up pop-up stores over the weekend called West Elm Local. These stores allow artisans to expand their brand awareness and potential customer base.

IKEA Play Café

IKEA, a furniture retailer, has an in-store pop-up cafe serving its famous meatballs. A pop-up cafe of IKEA in Toronto highlights its food, giving diners the chance to enjoy meatballs, chicken nuggets, and veggies.

Blamé is one of the pop-up shop examples

YWCA set up a pop-up store called Blamé and used its popularity to draw attention to International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. This store only displays women’s clothing and does not sell them.

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner opened a pop-up store that features a minimalist design and includes a replica of her bedroom in a Los Angeles mall. With this pop-up shop example, customers can take selfies and wall-shop their famous lip kits. These kinds of stores allow customers to experience the products, some of which are already sold out. 

Leesa Dream Gallery

Online mattress retailer Leesa has opened a pop-up shop in an art-filled SoHo gallery from ArtLifting, an online marketplace for works created by disabled or homeless artists. This store allowed customers to try their products first-hand with memorable experiences.


Glossier is a famous cosmetic brand with a pop-up shop example that has just opened in Boston. At this pop-up store, customers can experience the brand’s best-selling cosmetic and skincare products, and chat with Glossier consultants to learn more about how to choose and use the product. Modify Watches

Modify Watches (now Custom Ink) opened a pop-up shop to increase watch sales and collect customer feedback. The brand sold one watch product but with over 300 varieties. These stores are to help customers repair watches and better understand different customer preferences and tastes.

ConnectPOS is a perfect solution to help stores manage their existing retail store and pop-up stores simultaneously. Pop-up stores can use this POS solution to manage orders and products and track sales activities with ease.

10 clever pop up shop examples you may want to steal from


The pop-ups that stores create help connect with customers, bring clarity to your brand and create buzz around new campaigns, products, or other causes. 

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